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Event Catch Up

by admin/October 01, 2010/1 Comment

I’ve finally been able to catch up with some of Ryan’s appearances and have added them to the gallery. I’m going to start working on the site again soon, but hopefully this holds everyone over.

Stop Loss Captures

by admin/August 14, 2010/1 Comment

I’ve added captures from Ryan’s role in Stop Loss to the gallery today and will be adding more captures over the following weeks.

Thank you to Jamie for emailing me the information. Here’s what you can check out in the June issue of In Style magazine.

InStyle’s June issue features the “Sexy Dozen,” including Ryan Phillippe. In this exclusive photo feature, Phillippe reveals his celebrity crush and what sexy means to him. For more exclusive photos, go to Instyle.

Scans from the magazine will be coming soon!

Ryan supports Haiti.

by admin/January 20, 2010/No Comments

While I will not be adding the images to this gallery, You can view them over at the site I give the link to. Ryan, during a smoke break yesterday with a female friend was wearing a shirt that read: Text Haiti to 90999.

Seems that Ryan is supporting Haiti, which is great.

First of all, hello everyone. I’m Holly and I’m the new owner of ryanphillippe.net. There is a lot of catching up to do here and I intend on starting on the gallery first and foremost by screencapping my little heart away for you all. Then I will start reshaping the content. I am looking for help, so if anyone is interested please email me and let me know.

I’ve capped Cruel Intentions and uploaded those caps to the gallery as well as uploaded some movie stills from it as well 🙂 It’s a good start to a new beginning don’t you think?

Gallery Links:
• Film Productions > Cruel Intentions > Movie Stills
• Film Productions > Cruel Intentions > Screen Captures

Big Gallery Update

by admin/May 27, 2008/No Comments

Hey everyone! I just added about 400 appearance photos to the gallery (most from 2006) so drop on in and check those out! I have some screencaptures coming up soon (Crash and Cruel Intentions) so keep coming back!