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Stop Loss Captures

by admin/August 14, 2010/1 Comment

I’ve added captures from Ryan’s role in Stop Loss to the gallery today and will be adding more captures over the following weeks.

Well, despite a slight wardrobe malfunction a few days ago, Ryan is still working on his new movie The Lincoln Lawyer, who he stars in along side Matthew McConaughey. I will have some on set images for you once I gather them up. For now, you can view them over at PopSugar

Universal has announced that they will be releasing the 2010 SNL original movie, MacGruber to blu ray on September 7th. It will include the theatrical (rated) and unrated version of the movie. More info as I find it. Now available for PRE-ORDER over at Amazon for $27.99.

Thank you to Hi Def Disc News for the heads up!

After several delays, the site has a new layout! I have also redone the gallery and all events are up to date except for one thing from 2010. The gallery layout was done by Christine and the wordpress theme is also courtesy of her with a header done by me. Hope you enjoy the new looks around the site because I certainly love it!

Ryan Phillippe may seem like a tough guy on the outside, but in reality he’s a huge softy.

Ryan admits that he’s still struggling to get over his divorce from ex wife Reese Witherspoon, even though they called it quits back in 2006.

Ryan Phillippe Likes Sloppy Seconds

He said: “I still have sadness about my divorce. But my aim is always to progress – to be a better father, a better boyfriend, a better friend, a better actor. My goals are to improve in all areas of life.

“If you’re fearful and you’re closing yourself off from potentially wonderful or beautiful additions to your life, that’s not going to lead anywhere positive.”

Ryan didn’t seem too upset when he was spotted at Drai’s Hollywood playing tonsil hockey with a young blonde last month. But it seems like no one’s been able to fill Reese’s shoes since the divorce. Aww!

Source: Hollyscoop