Ryan Phillippe Online

Ryan Phillippe is making a final promotional push before the release of MacGruber on May 21, and he’s landed yet another magazine cover with Inked. He just showed off his hard-earned muscles in the pages of Men’s Health, and in his latest interview Ryan gave a public tour of his many tattoos. He shared about the significance of his designs, as well as about how he needed to cover up one that reminded him of an important ex. He said:

On covering old tattoos: “I did have a ladybug on my foot covered up. Its significance was with an ex. I put a stingray over the top of it. When people ask me why, I say, ‘Any animal that could take down the Crocodile Hunter deserves my respect.'”

On relationships in Hollywood: “Those things are tricky, man. In this business, it’s like, I don’t know how people make it work — and they don’t for the most part. You can cite very few examples of people who do. Very few. It’s a challenge. There are long periods of separation, and there’s lots of interference and speculation. It just makes it hard.”

On adding the phrase “words cannot harm me” to his leg: “I was in this place where I was tired of being talked shit about. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But I am a decent person. I got so sick of being told how shitty I was. I like the fact that it feels like I can just take [the sword] off my leg.”

On his own body art: “Tattoos are like a map to your life. Permanence is bravery. So many things in our lives aren’t permanent. Nothing lasts forever.”

Source: Pop Sugar